Muday Charity Association : Our Story

Muday Charity gave me a second chance when I thought I had lost everything.

Doe Mank
picture girl planting


Decision to do something!

Mrs. Muday Mikitu decides to start a private pre-school called Fresh and Green Academy to help children get an education.
Kids in classroom, Muday Charity


Charity Shift

Facing the growing number of vulnerable children, we shift our focus: if so many deprived kids cannot afford the tuition fees and food, let's find a way to make it free!
picture woman at Muday Charity



We also decide to help women in dire situations (often survivors of terrible abuses) by creating a safe and secure training and working environment where they can learn to make various products such as scarfs, shawls, dresses and various other crafts products.
pictures fabrics at Muday

2023 onwards

Achievements & Hope

Since we started we have helped more than 700 children to get a proper education, and 1000 women to start generate their own incomes. We know this is not much compared to the ongoing challenges here in Ethiopia. And so we hope to expand much more!

Our Challenges

picture visit Muday Addis Ababa
Visit of our compound, Jan 2023
  • Financial

    We don't have any permanent and sustainable source of funds neither abroad nor locally based. So far, only a few committed individuals help us stay afloat.

  • Our own compound

    At the moment, we serve our needy community while renting a compound. Ideally we aim to own it so we are free from the pressure of paying the rent.

  • So many more Children and women

    While we have achieved a certain amount of success, there are so many other orphans, children and their mothers who barely survive in the streets of Addis Ababa. Food, clothes, volunteers, paying employees are always welcome.

Your Donation Counts A Lot For Us

To help us helping more Women and Orphans in Addis Ababa, consider making a donation (one time or monthly), so we can move to the next step together.