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Muday Charity Association was created by Mrs. Muday Mitiku in Kotebe, north of Addis Ababa, in 1999.

We began our work by providing lifesaving provisions such as food, health, education and shelters for every significant numbers of children and women.

The issue of vulnerable and needy children from destitute families became the major concern of Muday Charity Association.

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Muday Charity Association kids laughing
Muday Charity Association

Women Learn New Skills

We empower women in need so they can live a decent life, making a living on their own.

These include:
- how to weave (make fabric)
- how to make clothes
- how to cook (injeera)
- how to make baskets

School for orphans at Muday Charity Association

Orphans Get An Education

Orphans and children in dire situations got a free education in our school, giving them a second chance to create a much better life.